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Listed here are the pros and cons you need to know before you purchase your next Fountain Pen.

Fountain Pens - Reviews, Pros & Cons

Here you will find the the latest reviews, pros and cons on some of the most sought after fountain pens on the market today. Find out what people are buying and why.

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What Are Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens are top quality pens that contain an internal reservoir of water-based liquid ink drawn through a feed to the nib and then to the paper via some gravitational pull and capillary action. That is why, unlike other pens, using the fountain pen requires little or no pressure when used.

Whose Genius Mind Invented The Fountain Pen?

The earliest record of a reservoir pen dates back to 953 A.D, when the caliph of Egypt, Maad al Muizz demanded a pen which would not stain his hands or clothes. His men then gave him a pen that had ink in a reservoir in a nib and could be held upside down without leaking.

Meanwhile, the oldest known fountain pen that has survived today dates back to 1702 and was designed by a Frenchman named M. Bion.

The first practical fountain pen, on the other hand, was invented by New Yorker, Lewis Waterman and came out in 1884.

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Fountain Pen...
(because it's more than just the prestige).

  1. It gives character and style. Needless to say, once you see a handwriting done with a fountain pen, you'll get an impression of style and rank. The nibs create an italicised writing that adds formality to both the output and the writer. 
  2. It completes your writing experience. If you have the chance to put your hands on one of these, I know you won't be disappointed. From the moment you pick up a fountain pen you can feel the difference. They are so far superior to using your normal ballpoint or gel pen that you will be amazed. If you've ever used a fountain pen you will know what I mean. 
  3. They are environmentally-friendly. Unlike other pens that are disposable, fountain pens can be refilled continuously. Cut down on throwing those plastic pens away and switch to refillable fountain pens. In their own simple ways, there's really no alterative and they help to conserve the environment too. 
  4. They are totally cost-effective. Although the cost of fountains pens is relatively higher than other pens, you never have to worry about replacing them again, not like your normal ball point pen. Because they are refillable, the only thing you have to think is where to buy the ink to refill them (and I can help you with the best price for that). 
  5. Use it for as long as you want! Refilling the reservoir is as easy as using it. With a simple twist you have your fountain pen refilled and ready to go again. Purchasing a fountain pen is much like an investment and a good one at that! 

I would love to help you find the right fountain pen that best suits you and your needs and budget.

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